Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Takes In A Litter Thrown Out Of Car Window

Blossom was pregnant and with advanced case of heart worm when her owner gave her up to a crowded shelter in Houston. Thankfully, Maggie Escriva of Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston stepped up to foster her. However, Blossom lost two of her three puppies at birth. She became ”frantic” and would search all over the […]

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cute puppy

Cute Puppy Gets On Inflatable And Chills On Pool

This cute puppy can teach us a thing or two about R&R! I have not see anyone as at peace as this young furry one in a while! The following video might as well be accompanied by a steel drum, the twangs of a guitar, vague references to island “señoritas” and a chord or two […]

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french bulldog 3

French Bulldog Rocking Baby To Sleep Will Make The Internet Melt!

A doting French Bulldog was captured on cam rocking baby to sleep and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch! Dogs are indeed the best babysitters! It’s time to invest in some doggy daycare. A truly wonderful way to save a buck or two. Time to train your furry little pooch. Time for that rascal to earn […]

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Dog Couldn’t Care Less About Dieting, Stuffs Head In Dog Food Bag

Dogs love food, sometimes a little too much. For sure, Sam the Boxer couldn’t care less about dieting and losing weight! All he can think about is stuffing his head in the dog food bag. You see, mom bought Sam another brand of dog food that should help him lose weight. However, the pupper finds […]

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with dog 1

Silly Ban Can’t Stop New Yorkers From Taking Subway With Dogs

If there’s a will, there’s a way. The indomitable human spirit has once again proven just how strong the bond is between human and dog. So the good people of New York got creative over how to bring their dogs in the subways. The trend came after a silly ban prevented dogs from taking subways […]

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rescue dog 2

Compassionate Rescue Dog Gives Back By Fostering Kittens

A rescue dog who was once unloved is now giving back all the love she’s now getting by fostering these babies! Although the babies are not quite what you think! Her name is Peggy, and it may not be Mother’s day, but she has a gift for everyone. In a truly heartwarming little video, the […]

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Wiener Dog Tree

Is That A Cat? Nope! It’s An Adventurous Wiener Dog Who Got Stuck In A Tree

If you think of an animal that is likely to get in trouble with a tree–stuck, fell off, couldn’t come down and the like–a dog is not the first creature to come to mind. Maybe a bird or a cat but not Fido. That’s why the state troopers in Salem, Kentucky couldn’t believe their eyes […]

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smart dog 1

Smart Dog Learns To Play Instrument With Confidence!

There are very few things in the world that’s cuter than a smart dog oozing with confidence, although he actually has no idea what she’s doing. This beautiful girl deserves a round of applause! This footage comes to us from our wacky neighbors up North. From that magical land passed the Great Lakes, just shy […]

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Pit bulls

Cute Pit Bulls Chill With Unlikely Friends To Beat Summer Heat!

Watch out! These two Pit bulls are out to steal your heart with their cuteness as they chill with unlikely group of friends! Pit bulls have been getting a lot of bad rap over the last decade. They are said to be aggressive, and their innate physical strength and alleged ”locking jaw” is not helping […]

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stray dog hug

Stray Dogs Get Hugs For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Priceless

Our dogs get a lot love, sometimes a little too much. We treat them like we would treat other family members–with kindness, love and respect. Unfortunately, not all dogs have people taking care of them. In fact, there are many dogs who don’t have owners to give them basic needs like water, food and shelter. […]

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