shelter dog

‘’What An Ugly Old Dog,’’ Woman Disses As She Walked Past A Senior Dog At Shelter

Dogs, especially senior dogs, deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace. They deserve a safe and loving environment before the cross the rainbow bridge. But not everyone feels that way. Oscar, a senior Australian Shepherd, was found by the side of the road. He suffered alone for three days, ignored like […]

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Jack Russell Wins Hearts After Royally Face-Planting At Agility Competition

You don’t have to be the winner of the competition to win the heart of the masses, as one Jack Russell Terrier is about to show you. Olly is a rescue dog who competed at the 2017 Crufts dog show in the U.K. Although he had speed and stamina on his side, his dexterity is […]

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sly cat dog

Sly Cats Tricks Dog Into Leaving Her Alone

Dogs are smart creatures. But every now and then, a cat outsmarts them. When cats use their smarts, they sure can embarrass anyone. So how do you get a dog to leave you alone? Sure, they are hard-working, hyper and persistent. Getting rid of them won’t be easy but it’s not impossible. This cat, whether […]

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family dog malamute

Family Dog Is Obsessed With New Baby Brother

Taking home a newborn baby brings all sorts of wonderful feelings. Finally, the nursery that’s been empty for months, even years, will be filled with joy and laughter. Before you get carried away by the baby shower presents, it is important to introduce the new baby to your children. Whether they are humans or pets, […]

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senior dogs retirement

Retirement Home Takes Care Of Senior Dogs Until They Pass

Doting dog owners want nothing more than for their dogs to not suffer at the end of their lives. Whether that means putting them down or painstakingly caring for them to the bitter end –the process has to be as comfortable and painless as possible. One of the hardest decisions we have to make in […]

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9 Hilarious Dogs With Unrealistic Expectation

Dogs are some of the most positive creatures I’ve ever met. They are born happy, little four-legged creatures that can brighten up anyone’s day! But their strength can also be their weakness. They are positive but sometimes, too positive that what they are trying to achieve is ridiculous or downright unrealistic. Therefore, we’ve compiled a […]

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dog kiss

7 Reasons Why Dogs Love To Lick People

Licking is a dog’s ultimate way to please people. When you arrive from work, they never fail to greet you with jumping and slobbery kisses. But there’s more to licking than just trying make you feel welcome as soon as you open the door. While licking is indeed one of the ways dogs show their […]

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dumb dog 1

9 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly OK If Your Dog Is Dumb As Rocks

Not all dogs are created equal. Some smarter, needier, creepier, smellier, weirder etc. than others. Just like people, they are not perfect. Dogs have shortcomings too; they forget, they destroy things, they fart in their sleep, and occasionally, they wake you up at 4am for absolutely no reason. Little imperfections, here and there. But what […]

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homeless man

Terminally Ill Man’s Final Wish Is For His Dog To Find A Forever Home

This is one of those stories that is both heartwarming and tragic. I wish this man and his dog didn’t have to part this way. Unfortunately, it cannot be helped now. A homeless man with terminal cancer does not much time to live. However, in his final moments, his only wish is for his beloved […]

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beagle baby laura

Baby Shares Food With Cute Beagle, Gets Grumpy When He Drops It

There is absolutely no one that cannot be charmed by puppy dog eyes. One glance and anyone would melt into oblivion and meet whatever ridiculous demand is ask of them. Okay, maybe not really. But it is enough for anyone to toss a portion of their food their dog’s way! Even a baby couldn’t resist […]

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