12-Year-Old Dog Found Abandoned In A Field With Her Belongings And A Heartbreaking Note

Dogs are forever. Unfortunately, that promise is not true for everyone.

Those of us who truly love our dogs find it unthinkable to leave them behind, let alone abandon them in a field. I can’t imagine leaving my dogs at the mercy of other people.

But horrible things happen to good creatures. Innocent creatures could and have fallen victim to the vileness of people. A 12-year-old dog Tessa was abandoned in a field in England. She had her belongings –a dog bed and a food bowl–as well as a heartbreaking note. It said, ”I don’t need a dog.”

It had just rained. As a senior dog, the condition could be fatal to poor Tessa. Fortunately, she did not fall prey to the elements. In the note, Tessa’s former owner explained that the dog’s original owner moved to the Canada. She could not take Tessa with her and was asked if she could take her in.

He reluctantly agreed to take the dog but he knew deeps in his heart he didn’t want one. He said he knew he won’t be keeping her. Go to the next page for the rest of the story!


10 Responses to “12-Year-Old Dog Found Abandoned In A Field With Her Belongings And A Heartbreaking Note”

  1. I hope they let people in Canada know that that person left their elderly dog in England without shelter. Hopefully, that owner will never have an animal again.

    • Mean and vile choices of the heartless ones. Poor fur baby. I can’t believe people are this heartless. That woman who moved to Canada was out of her mind to leave her sweet pooch with a psycho. She didn’t care much. He didn’t care at all.

  2. Unbelievable! This just breaks my heart. Poor little girl! My oldest is 14 and there is no way in the world I would ever leave him or desert him or give him away. Both are at fault, but the one who said he would take her in should be shot for what he did. If you didn’t want the dog, why on earth did you say you would take her?? People are so cold anymore. Just awful!

  3. People moving to Canada are allowed to bring their animals with them. There are rules, but generally there are few issues, so I’m assuming the problem with the original owner was monetary(?). Still, if they can afford the move themselves, it seems like they could have in some way accommodated their pet. Very sad story. Hope this poor dog gets a home with someone who will care for her.

  4. If I had a way to get her to Texas, I would take her.

  5. Idiots, both he orig. owner & the dunce who took her knowing he wasn’t smart enough to take care of an animals. Both of these cruel A-holes need to be branded or a micro-chip put on them saying they can’t own an animal.Thanking God the dog was rescued.

  6. I’ve seen almost exactly this story, before, but different locations, names, and places where the dog was found. But always, the owner left the country and left the dog with a neighbor. (Note is always the same) Hopefully this is a hoax, and all these dogs aren’t being left with non caring neighbors. The dog liking coffee and tea was a little different twist. If it is true, well we all know what needs to happen to the POS owner

  7. My dogs go everywhere I go. If they can’t go? I don’t go. People can be so cruel and hateful! Hope karma bites them in the behind! The dog deserved better

  8. I will take her

  9. both of them need shooting they are both the worst piece of shit in human life to do this to a beautiful pet there is no excuse for them to of done this i hope karma hits them so hard in return for this poor dog i hope she finds the most beautiful loving forever home as she so deserves

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