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Chihuahua Stuck In Highway! I’m Ecstatic With Police Reaction!

Once more proving that size doesn’t matter and that even the tiniest of creatures can enact great change, a Chihuahua halted traffic in San Francisco, creating a massive gridlock for commuters trying to get home. Bolting and dashing over the bay bridge, a diminutive black Chihuahua forced traffic from Oakland to the City By The Bay […]

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Tiny puppy and carrot

Tiny Puppy Hilarious Confused By Frozen Carrot! TOO CUTE!

Frozen carrots are a great way to help a tiny puppy deal with teething pain. It’s cold and they can gnaw at them with their little sore gums. It’s a great DIY thing to help your pup in pain! We also know that dogs are very smart and intelligent creatures…well…most of the time anyway. Sometimes? […]

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cute dog 3

Cute Dog Eating A Watermelon Will Melt Any Frigid Heart!

This cute dog eating a watermelon from the inside will surely cheer you up today! He’s fun-sized yet the total package! Fun, adorable, heartwarming– those are just a few of the adjectives that can be employed to describe this 20 second video. A video that has racked up a lot of views since its upload. […]

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a dog

2 People & A Dog In A Plane. When You See Who’s Driving–SHOCK!

I didn’t know a dog had it in him to do something so remarkable. I thought this stunt is something I would never see in this lifetime! Dogs truly are amazing. With the proper training and will, they are able to do just about anything. Still, the right question should in all likelihood be whether or […]

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maxresdefault (8)

Kind Officers Take Extraordinary Action To Save A Dog From Drowning

When a catastrophic event occurs we automatically think of all the people involved and how bad we feel for them. Things like wild fires, earthquakes, floods or hurricanes and hope everyone is ok. People spring into action to help those affected try to maintain a normal life. Government aid, donations and rescue workers all help […]

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adorable dog

Adorable Dog Finds Forever Home! With Who? I’m In Tears!

An adorable dog is home at last after a girl suffering from a severe affliction wished for a four-legged companion. Out of all the animals she can take home, she chose a dog! Weeks before her birthday, a brave girl’s dream finally came true. Meet Hailey Torres; for the past few years, this 9-year-old has been […]

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cutest dog ever

Cutest Dog Does An AWESOME Trick For Treat!

If there is one thing I know about people and dogs for that matter is most of them love good food. Not only do they love good food but good treats too. I mean they just opened 2 new fro-yo’s and cupcake stores in my little city. And who doesn’t love a fresh baked cake […]

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dog dreams

Dog Dreams: What Do Our Furry Friends Dream About?

Are dog dreams real? Just like people, dogs are actually capable of dozing off to dreamland! Those whimpering and barking your dog does in his sleep is probably one of his dog dreams. One of the greatest mysteries that has plagued mankind throughout the eons is the enigma of dreams. What are they? Are they […]

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cute dog 2

Cute Dog Loves His Bath So Much He Splashes So Adorably!

A cute dog was caught on cam enjoying his bath so much that he couldn’t stop himself from doing this! He is, without a doubt, one heck of a happy dog. I also have a cute dog. Her name is Tulip, she’s an incredibly adorable little pooch. Tulip is my constant companion. Still, I’ve come […]

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belgian malinois

Belgian Malinois Caught Playing With Snow. What Happens Next–OMG

A Belgian Malinois was caught happily playing with snow, but it’s what he did next that really stole everyone’s hearts. Frosty the Snowman will no doubt spring into life, a song and a dance routine tapping in his heart, joy overflowing from his body. “Hurray!” He’ll go. “Boys and girls, get ready for some fun! […]

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