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smart Beagle

Clever Beagle Shows Off Impressive Problem-Solving Skills To Fetch Bone

There’s no question that dogs can surprise us with their intelligence. They are such incredible creatures. The Beagle in the video you’re about to watch is definitely one of those dogs. Super smart! Sometimes I think humans can learn a thing or two from dogs. Their ability to love. Their ability to live in the […]

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Hyper English Bulldog

Hyper English Bulldog Goes Completely Bonkers On His Bed!

Almost everyone has witnessed it – that out-of-the-blue moment when a dog completely loses their mind and starts going absolutely nuts for no apparent reason whatsoever. Yeah – this English Bulldog is one of those dogs. Even we – as humans – have had those moments. Maybe we get really pumped up and excited about […]

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stella the samoyed

Hilarious Samoyed Can’t Contain Herself Around Squeaky Toy!

One of the great things about dogs is their huge personalities. Each one has their very own unique and quirky personality that makes them so easy to fall in love with. This gorgeous Samoyed has a very funny quirk that you just can’t not laugh at! These gorgeous dogs are easy to swoon over. Their […]

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Funny Little Dog

Funny Little Dog Refuses To Let Owner Leave For Vacation

You’ve worked hard all year – earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. It’s time to go relax on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand. There’s just one problem for the person in this video – their little dog refuses to let you go. Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby […]

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4 Smart Dogs

4 Very Patient And Very Smart Dogs Perform Synchronized Snack Trick!

As people that have a very strong love for dogs – it’s no secret that we know they have feelings and intelligence that surpasses many species. Maybe even humans! And these smart dogs are here to prove that. Anyone that has a multiple-animal household knows how funny and entertaining they can be. But having more […]

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Cute Corgi Mermaid

Cute Corgi Models Hilarious Mermaid Costume On The Beach

It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere so it’s time to head to the beach to beat the heat! Relaxing in the sun near the cool water is the ultimate summer day. This cute Corgi shows us her hilarious costume while chilling out on the sand. I don’t know about you but when I was […]

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tiny puppy

Tiny Puppy Attempts To Climb Pillow But Fails Adorably!

Being small is tough. You can’t quite reach things that are taller than you. Jumping up on couches can be a battle. And this tiny puppy is having a seriously difficult time just trying to climb on top of a pillow! We’ve seen tiny dogs struggle with the simplest of tasks. There’s countless videos out […]

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Best Friend Puppies

Puppy Lets Mom Know EXACTLY Who His Best Friend Is!

Even though dogs can’t talk – they can definitely still communicate. And they can also form strong friendships with other animals just like humans do with other humans! This puppy knows exactly who his best friend is! Best friends are our true soul mates. They get into trouble with us. They laugh the hardest with […]

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Pepper the silly Dachshund

Dachshund Obsessively And Meticulously Prepares Pillow For Nap Time!

Dogs are silly little creatures, aren’t they? They do things that make us humans scratch our heads. Why on earth are you doing that? The Dachshund you’re about to see is doing something that many dogs do – and this one I think we can relate. I don’t know about you but sleeping is one […]

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Golden Retriever Confusion

Golden Retriever Is Hilariously Confused By Pair Of Snails!

The Golden Retriever breed is known for being very intelligent. Anyone who has ever owned one knows this to be true. But the Goldie in this video? Doesn’t quite know what to make of these strange creatures. There are many traits we love about the Golden Retriever. They are known to be reliable, friendly, trustworthy […]

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