Bella The Boxer Is Told She Cannot Lay On New Couch – Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!


Growing up we had a lab and she preferred to be outdoors. She would come inside sometimes but she would get too hot and always want to go out. The Boxer in this video is funny like that too.

She loved to be outside in the cool air and we lived where the winters were never too cold. But some dogs are not only house dogs but they are downright one of the children.

When I got older I adopted a rescue dog from a shelter and he was instantly my little baby and of course an inside dog. Let’s face it he slept on my bed, snuggled on the couch and definitely acted like a human.

When company would come over we would take the blanket off the couch and he wasn’t allowed up. When I kept telling him to get down he was the most upset!

Turns out my dog is not the only one who gets upset when he can’t act like a human. Continue to the next page to WATCH the funniest reaction to a new couch ever!!

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  1. Omg,,I wouldn’t be able to stand it!!! Too cute! And that FACE!! She must be thinking “WHY?? I USED to…! Where am I supposed to go NOW? Just the FLOOR??? OHHHH OHHHH. Woe is me..!”