Bella The Boxer Is Told She Cannot Lie On New Couch – Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!


One thing you should never tell a dog is that they are a dog. Especially if your dog is like mine and is part of the family, eating, sleeping, playing and traveling everywhere with us.

It’s so cute and funny, they look at me like no you did not just call me a dog, I’m a human just like you! But of course because they are dogs is just one of the many reasons I love them so much.

Well Bella the Boxer doesn’t think it’s very funny either when her owners tell her they got a new couch and she is not allowed on it. You will die laughing when you see her reaction!!

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  1. Omg,,I wouldn’t be able to stand it!!! Too cute! And that FACE!! She must be thinking “WHY?? I USED to…! Where am I supposed to go NOW? Just the FLOOR??? OHHHH OHHHH. Woe is me..!”

  2. If you’ve let a dog sleep on the furniture , then personally I think it’s unkind to suddenly say no you cant. Put a blanket over the new couch and let Bella lie on it. Or, when you get a dog, make it clear that they can’t sleep on the furniture. No wonder Bella is upset.

    • I have lots of dog blankets that I use on my furniture. One goes on the sofa, it stays for a couple of days then it’s in the wash and another goes on. And so it goes on lol. How can I refuse my dog a lovely comfy sofa to sit on lolol

  3. I love this dog she is so sweet!!!!so adorable I keep pulling it up just to watch it over and over…soo cute….she is a smart dog.

  4. Awww… bless, poor baby lol… She couldn’t have expressed her dismay any better could she? I couldn’t do that to her, I really couldn’t she’d be snuggled up on the couch with me & sod the fact that it’s new…! Please put a blanket on the couch for her to lie on? Please? Treat her like she’s special, because she is really is, isn’t she, they all are. I have 6 rescue cats & they are so spoilt & even though one of them has ruined the stair carpet (gouged huge chunks out of it) they are still loved & treated like I would my children (who are now adults). And I feel privileged to have them in my life & have them love me & keep me company as I now live alone… but I don’t feel alone because I have them & I love having them in my life. Please give her a nice warm blanket or throw?? <3

  5. My 10 month old husky, you do not tell him he cannot be on the bed. He just loves to snuggle. He things he is human and has to sit between me and my company and join in on the conversations. Dogs are just a riot!!! The more I know people the more I love my dogs!!

  6. Well, they were *stupid* and *cruel* to EVER allow her on the couch in the first place. Their dog cannot tell that the couch is “new” – she is completely bewildered by not being allowed up where she was ALWAYS allowed before. When they are gone, she will probably go up on the couch, because, like toddlers, companion animals think pretty much just in the moment. Oh, I’m not allowed on the couch *NOW*. Then later they think oh, I guess I can get on the couch now. Then they will want to punish her for doing what she was always allowed to do before. Sad, really.