Family Comes Home To Their Dog Bleeding On The Porch, Then They Found Note From Cops

We would do anything to protect our dog, and in return they would do anything to protect us. When we are away, our dogs will do their absolute best to make sure nothing is amiss when we come home.

But what happened to this family is an absolute nightmare. They came home to their dog bleeding on the porch!

It was just another Sunday for the Laymon family. They just came back from church and were shocked to see blood on their dog Bruno.

They were perplexed but before full-blown panic was able to set in, they found a note on the door. It was written by a cop.

As it turns out, the Rogers County Sheriff received a call about a disturbance in the area. They came to the Laymon residence to check what’s up.

The cops noticed the dog but completely ignored his warnings to back off. They continued to approach so the dog showed heightened aggression.

Instead of using a mace or being more cautious in handling the canine, one of the officers shot him instead. As if that’s not bad enough, the cop left the dog bleeding in the family home—along with a note. Turn to the next page to see the note.


3 Responses to “Family Comes Home To Their Dog Bleeding On The Porch, Then They Found Note From Cops”

  1. Sue the county, sue the cop. If he was not following procedure, he is liable.

  2. And its just going to get worse, as they passed a law where if a dog does anything but sit there, they can shoot it. I am dead serious. You’ll have to look up details, but if the dog even barks, they can shoot it. I keep my dogs clear away from any kind of encounter with cops. The stats are that law enforcement shoots a dog every 98 minutes in this country, but I’d be willing to bet those figures went way up since I saw it. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I don’t leave my dogs out when I’m not home, or any other way that the cops could come to the wrong call, and shoot them. They’re dogs. They bark, they protect property, etc.

  3. Idiot cop should be charged for.sure. if it were my dog I would see this thru for sure. If he is that trigger happy God know what he would do to a person

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