Cutest Rescue Puppy Makes Tiny Duckling His Best Friend!

Rescue Puppy and Duckling

These days with social media and technology in general, it’s hard to not know who someone is through simple googling. It’s so easy to find out information about almost anyone!

But with these social media accounts it also enhances who the cool kids are. This can make being a teenager even harder than it already is trying to keep up with everyone.

Remember being in kindergarten and on the first day every kid was new so everyone was so nice? When you’re young there’s no such thing as “cool” or “trendy” you’re just friends with everyone.

This is a mentality that we all should try harder to live by and goes back to treating others as we’d want to be treated. I know if I was new to a place I would want someone to be nice to me and make me feel at home.

Another little puppy also felt that it was his duty to welcome a new addition to his family. Continue to the next page to WATCH the cutest 2 new best friends you’ve ever seen!!


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  1. I’d advise you pass on the pet duck. Cute but incurably messy.

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