Woman Leaves List Of Rules For Dog Sitter, And It Goes Viral For Hilarious Reasons

A woman who is apparently overly attached to her dog leaves a rather funny list of rules for dog sitter slated to be her pupper’s company while she is away. Tommy Rivers is the fortunate recipient of said list, courtesy of her aunt!

Pepper, the lucky dog, is clearly loved by her mom. It shows in the intricacy of the list she left.

The list is very detailed, so detailed in fact that it’s hilarious. Although you can tell that auntie is very serious about each and every rule she wrote on the list.

The list starts off with normal demands, such as Pepper’s feeding schedule and how much she should be eating. Never mind the subheading that wrote Pepper is ”the most beautiful girl in the world.”

But that’s not the most comical part. The further you go down the list, the crazier it gets.

Apparently, Pepper is on a strict ”no carb” diet. She should be given a dog bone only every other day, and she should exercise daily.

Auntie also demanded that Tommy show Pepper some love through big hugs, little kisses, sniffs and belly rubs!

Of course, how can you be a crazy dog lady without demanding to FaceTime with your dog every single day?

Go to the next page to see auntie’s list of rules that captured the attention (and love) of the dog community!


2 Responses to “Woman Leaves List Of Rules For Dog Sitter, And It Goes Viral For Hilarious Reasons”

  1. It would be great if we could all find people like Tommy to sit with our pets! I feel the same way about all of the pets i’ve had and of course the little dog i have now,hooray for the Auntie,wish everyone felt the same way she does about their pets. They ARE family and should be loved and treated as such.

  2. We’re great dog sitters. Haven’t had a vacation in 8 years. We get separation anxiety when we grocery shop!

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