Mama Dog Courageously Dives Into Flood Water To Rescue Her Puppies

There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her young. This mama dog stopped at nothing to ensure her baby’s safety!

A video clip showing a dog desperately trying to rescue her pups has gone viral. According to Metro UK, the very young puppy fell into a puddle of water but they did not realize at the time that the puddle was actually a hole.

The puppy went into the hole, which was too tiny for a human to fit.

But it’s as if mama dog knew that her puppy’s only hope of survival is her. She’s the only one who could fit in the drain.

She was filmed desperately trying to dig into the flooded drain, while a man shoveled water out. She went into the hole as soon as it was low enough for her not to drown.

Her instincts to save her pup is absolutely unreal. The way she worked with the people around her in a bid to save her pup almost feels coordinated.

But you can’t make this stuff up! It’s definitely real!

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    can I have him ill give hi a good home

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