Puppies Gang Up On Mom And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen!

Puppies Gang Up

I had what you would probably call a pretty normal childhood and upbringing. My parents are still married and were both very active in my childhood.

We went to the park and rode bikes, had picnics by the river, took our dog to the beach and built sandcastles on the weekends. It really was just a fun time growing up with my brother and parents.

My mom always took the time to do fun stuff with us too. She would take us out in the yard when we were young and turn on the sprinkler when it was hot or bake cookies with us in the winter.

She was my best friend growing up and I know she took extra care to make sure my brother and I felt loved. We had so much fun even just running errands because it felt like special secret missions to us.

Playing with my mom when we were small is one of my favorite memories. A couple pups might be able to say the same. Continue to the next page to WATCH one super mom have the best time with her pups!!


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  1. Do you not realize how many unwanted pets are in shelters? It was NOT a bad thing for your dog not to have puppies. We have a Rottweiler that was sent to a shelter at 2 years old, and I just adopted a Tervuren who was abandoned by his family at 7 years old. We do not need dogs breeding because they would be such a good mother.

    • “My dog never got to have puppies because she was rescued and spayed which is the right this to do as there are so many dogs who need homes out there. But I know she would’ve been the most loving mom in the world and I just mainly wanted to see how cute her pups would have been.”

      Reading comprehension… It’s a real thing.

    • I agree. I spayed my kitten as soon as she was old enough. I did not want her to pregnant. There are too many unwanted cats and dogs in sheltors. I look at my adult cat now and know that this affectionate and sweet feline would have made a great mom. But I still know I made the right decision. One or more of her kittens could have ended up in sheltors from irresponsible adoptive owners who decided to abandon them.

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