Small Dog Collapses On The Floor. Family Cracks Up When They Check The Kitchen!

A family finds their small dog bloated and passed out on the floor. They also noticed that she’s a lot bigger than normal.Dogs do all sorts of crazy things. You really can’t leave them alone. They depend on people for food, love and discipline.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to leave a whole turkey on the kitchen counter unattended. That was the big mistake of David Barrett and family. On Christmas Eve, the smell of turkey filled the home of the Barrett household. Meanwhile, their 5-year-old Chi Lapso dog (Chihuahua-Lhasa Apso cross) caught wind of the yummy dish and decided to feast on it when no one was looking. Unfortunately, they did not realize what the small dog had done until they found him collapsed on the floor and unusually bloated.

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    • They’re really lucky she didn’t come down with pancreatitis! I have worked in the veterinary field, for over 35 years, and around the holidays, we see many dogs who have pancreatitis, from being fed parts of people’s Thanksgiing and Christmas dinner. It is extremely dangerous, and not at all funny, because pancretitis is often fatal to the dog. These people don’t know how lucky they are, to still have a living dog!

      • I agree with Beth. I know of several dogs who have died this way and several others that ended up with lifelong health struggles following a binge like this. see your Vet!


    • Sons like my jake he is a Bassett hound beagle mix well eat tell he drops can’t leave anything out

  2. When I was small, I had a hound puppy that would eat anything. In the fall of 1935, we went hunting with the entire family—about 12 to 15 people, and my dog ate very well. My dad and one of the cousins each killed a buck, and as they dressed out the deer, the offal (innards to the urbanites)was tossed to one side for the coyotes and other predators to enjoy. My stupid dog didn’t agree, and began eating the pile of offal. He ate and ate, his belly got lower and lower to the ground, until the entire pile offal was eaten. His poor little belly was so full, he could hardly move, and it hurt so badly, he howled and moaned all night. A couple of the men wanted to put him out of his misery, but, of course, they didn’t. He was still miserable the next day, and actually refused any goodies offered to him.


  4. Turkey can kill a friend just lost theirs.. you never said how the dog was..? Did you even have a vet check it? Sad you care more about the Turkey. ; (

  5. that was not funny, down right dangerous for a small dog. A lot of small dogs don’t tolerate turkey that well. Turkey can cause bad diareahha in small dogs… not to mention if you leave it sitting out instead of putting it away, it’s not going to be good to pull out and eat again…

  6. Should of taken her to the vet if she ate bones an all stupid move lucky she’s still alive. Just say

  7. Blost like that kills dogs!! It can ….the gut gets twisted… Thats dangerous… Please inform your Vet and don’t let her over eat!

  8. Let’s get real folks, it’s not real!! A dog that small couldn’t reach a counter or table top. Unless they live in a mansion who wouldn’t hear a turkey crashing, thumping on the floor. And who isn’t in the kitchen from sunrise to sunset preparing Holiday meals!

  9. Don’t let dogs have turkey etc especially raw deer guts. Stupidity at its finest !!!!

    • Lolita is right. This is either fake or exaggerated. He may have had a good feed of turkey but, I doubt that he ate the whole thing. He looks like a healthy little dog and if he needed a vet they probably would take him. No need for a couple hundred people coming on here and saying take it to the vet. That is obvious. There is no way that little dog ate a whole turkey. He is cute btw.

  10. very cute dog…I bet he couldn’t move the rest of the day…Probably sick of turkey til next holiday! LOL

  11. I can remember years ago I had a rescue Alsatian, I got a pork joint out of the freezer to defrost left on table forgot to put back in fridge, the dog just sat under the table & drooled all all night but did not touch it ( though it could easily reach it. I had trained it not to touch any food unless given by me or family, She did have a treat when I saw how good she had been 🙂

  12. There must have been a chair or something close by for hom to climb on! LOL!

  13. My Shitzu swallowed a live mouse – you could see it moving in her stomach
    I straight away took her to the vet – but before reaching his surgery she vomited it up on the car seat
    and would you believe it was still alive
    out come Soo-Kee – Q lived till she was 16 the mouse not so lucky

  14. Bless his baby heart. He needed a snack. I bet he went out to pop 40 times after he digested all that greasy meat.LOL

  15. Not funny- Beth is right.. should check with a vet before thinking this is funny

  16. So, what was the fatal mistake that was referred to in the article? Who died?

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