Their Autistic Son Needed Help – So They Sent Him To Meet A Murderer In Jail

This family found hope where you least expect it. A family with an autistic son – so desperate to help their son – would try anything. So they turned to a prisoner.

This prisoner is trying to make the most of his life – a second chance of sorts – by helping others. But first – the backstory.

The prisoner, named Chris, was sentenced to 48 years in prison back in 1998. The charge was for helping murder a man.

He knows he is guilty – and wants to make a change in life. So he decided he needed to help people.

For years – a prison program has allowed prisoners to train service dogs. It helps the dogs become service dogs – and the prisoners learn compassion, dedication and discipline.

You have to see how Chris changed a little boy’s life for the better. It’s truly a beautiful story of not judging books by their cover.


2 Responses to “Their Autistic Son Needed Help – So They Sent Him To Meet A Murderer In Jail”

  1. I have a nephew who is autistic and this made me cry. I think its wonderful that the man who refers himself as “murderer” is now helping children who are special. You can see his remorse. Can’t take it back but you can build on making up and changing your life.

  2. Thank you for giving this special boy a chance of a better life. The article didnt state but ill bet you use rescue dogs?

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