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Boy With Vitiligo Hates Himself, Till He Met A Dog With Same Condition

Sometimes, it’s sad to be different. Sometimes, you just want to be like everybody else. Carter Blanchard, an 8-year-old boy from Searcy, Arkansas is one of those poor souls who wishes he was normal. Unfortunately, he has vitiligo, a condition that causes skin discoloration. But Carter does not hate himself as much when he met […]

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shelter dog

‘’What An Ugly Old Dog,’’ Woman Disses As She Walked Past A Senior Dog At Shelter

Dogs, especially senior dogs, deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace. They deserve a safe and loving environment before the cross the rainbow bridge. But not everyone feels that way. Oscar, a senior Australian Shepherd, was found by the side of the road. He suffered alone for three days, ignored like […]

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Small Dog Collapses On The Floor. Family Cracks Up When They Check The Kitchen!

A family finds their small dog bloated and passed out on the floor. They also noticed that she’s a lot bigger than normal. Dogs do all sorts of crazy things. You really can’t leave them alone. They depend on people for food, love and discipline. Therefore, it is not a good idea to leave a […]

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Mom Picks Up Camera When Thoughtful German Shepherd Helps Shovel Snow

This German Shepherd is more than just a cute face. He’s also thoughtful and helpful around the house. When winter hits, it is fun and beautiful. But with good things come hassles—it’s cold, wet and slippery! Letting snow pile up can be hazardous, although occasionally it stops traffic so we get a day off from […]

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Keep Your Dog Entertained For HOURS With DIY Dog Toy!

This DIY dog toy is an amazing way to keep your dog entertained while you attend to other things. We love our dogs. But fact of the matter is that we can’t give them all the time in the world. We have jobs to attend to, chores to finish, people to meet and more. Sometimes, […]

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Ecstatic Dog Expresses Sweetest THANK YOU To Dad For Bring Him To Dog Park!

An ecstatic dog realized that dad just drove him to a dog park and couldn’t contain his excitement. Of course, he thanks dad in a major way! In the beginning, the little dog sit calmly on another person’s laugh on the passenger’s seat of the car. Moments later, he realized that dad just brought him […]

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golden retriever puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies Mob Helpless Boy And Sends Him To Heaven

If I were going to be crushed by anything, please let it be adorable, fluffy Golden Retriever puppies. I can’t express just how jealous I am of this guy right now. This lucky man has now ticked off another thing off his bucket list. If you don’t have ”to be mobbed by puppies’’ on your […]

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Shiba Inu Obsessed With Stuffed Toy Santa Is Taken To See Real-Life Santa!

This Shiba Inu had one of the happiest moments of her life. Why? Because she finally got to meet his hero–Santa Claus. Kya is just like a kid. Kya, a one-year-old Shiba Inu, is obsessed with her stuffed toy Santa Claus all day, every day. Not just Christmas, not just December, but all year round! […]

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Labrador Retriever Is The Perfect Nanny To Newborn

This Labrador Retriever is, without a doubt, the best nanny this baby can ask for. Of course, the baby’s family couldn’t be happier that they have such loving dog on their side. Meet this absolutely adorable and heartwarming duo. This puppy is definitely heaven-sent. Particularly, come Friday night when the Mrs. and Ms. want nothing […]

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Meet The World’s First Identical Twin Puppies! ADORABLE!

Dog gives birth to identical twin puppies, and they are the first in the world. It is totally a bizarre ocurrence! Hot off the press, a dog has given birth to a pair of identical twin puppies. In human beings, this miracle seems mundane. Yet, in other species, it is a circumstance rarely seen. The odd […]

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