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Puppy And Mom Reunited And It’s The CUTEST Thing You Will Ever WATCH!

I grew up with all my cousins and aunts and uncles just down the street. My brother and parents and I went on all kinds of family trips all over the state. This puppy and mom seem to be just as close and are the cutest thing! Part of this childhood was also a litter […]

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Funny Little Dog

Funny Little Dog Refuses To Let Owner Leave For Vacation

You’ve worked hard all year – earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. It’s time to go relax on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand. There’s just one problem for the person in this video – their little dog refuses to let him go. Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby […]

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grumpy dog

Grumpy Dog Has No Problem Telling His People To Be Quiet And It’s HILARIOUS!

Growing up we always had dogs that were mostly black labs and one German Shepherd. They were all good, sweet dogs who loved us kids so much. But I’ve never witnessed a grumpy dog like the one in this video! Mine were your typical dog, outside trolling the yard and would of course bark to let […]

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Special Dog

One Special Dog Can Do CRAZY Back Flips! We’re Impressed!

Growing up I hung around with all the neighborhood kids who all could do different, fun things. It was quite a show watching us all run around together all summer. The special dog you’re about to witness is just like one of these kids! My friends could do everything and anything. If you dared them […]

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surfing with dogs

Owner Surfing With His Dogs Is How He Bonds With Them – You HAVE To See It To Believe it!!

Growing up my brother and I did everything with our family dog. She followed us all over the neighborhood, through the woods and on every adventure we ever had. She was so brave and loyal that she even followed us across a really rickety bridge one time. Truth be told we probably shouldn’t have been […]

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Rescue Puppy and Duckling

Cutest Rescue Puppy Makes Tiny Duckling His Best Friend!

These days with social media and technology in general, it’s hard to not know who someone is through simple googling. It’s so easy to find out information about almost anyone! But with these social media accounts it also enhances who the cool kids are. This can make being a teenager even harder than it already […]

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Puppies Gang Up

Puppies Gang Up On Mom And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen!

I had what you would probably call a pretty normal childhood and upbringing. My parents are still married and were both very active in my childhood. We went to the park and rode bikes, had picnics by the river, took our dog to the beach and built sandcastles on the weekends. It really was just […]

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Dog Shares Toy With Baby And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

There are just about a billion reasons to be a lover of dogs. They’re loyal, giving, best friends, companions and the list goes on. And when you mix a baby AND a dog together? The cuteness is out of control. Dogs are very sensitive and can tell how their human is doing just through observation. […]

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You Have To WATCH One Dog Try To Play Like A Regular Kid!

Getting a new puppy could quite possibly one of the best, most fun things in the entire world. They are just so cute and snuggly and teeny tiny! And sometimes they try and act just like a regular human kid! Like a new baby a new puppy is so fun because everything to them is […]

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chained dog 3

Local Heroes Break Law In Order To Save A Chained Dog

It’s time for another rescue story. A chained dog riddled by a tough life, without a name, and without any hope slowly but surely made heroes out of his neighbors. He had been chained, muzzled and tethered tight to an abandoned house. For no other reason than being a dog, this kind animal had been […]

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