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Agnes gets a miracle

Dog With 4-Pound Mass On Neck Gets A True MIRACLE In Life!

Life is hard. It doesn’t matter who you are – things get tough and things aren’t fair. The dog that is the center of this story knows this first hand. But also? Sometimes life gives you a true miracle. And that is what makes this life worth living. The dog’s name is Agnes, she’s 7 […]

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Disabled dog amazing recovery

Doctors Thought This Disabled Dog Shouldn’t Live BUT She Proves Them ALL Wrong!

The will to live and to survive is one of the strongest instincts of any creature. This particular disabled dog is one of the strongest pup’s we’ve ever come across. She’s absolutely incredible and determined! Her name is Wanda and this sweet girl was dropped off at Cinque Ports Rescue organization in the United Kingdom. […]

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amazing rescue

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You WATCH This Daring, Incredible Rescue!

When I think of a place that I want to visit or vacation I usually go right to somewhere warm. Palm trees, lounge chairs, sunshine and my feet in the sand. Of course nothing that would involve a rescue effort! I think a good portion of me feeling this way is because I live in […]

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Cute dogs waking up owners

Rise And Shine! Compilation Of Cute Dogs Waking Up Their Owners!

Waking up in the morning or from a nice nap might be one of the hardest things in the world to do, don’t you agree? But waking up to cute dogs always makes it a bit easier at least. Better than an alarm clock! In my household my dog has a few techniques to get […]

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Tiny puppy and carrot

Tiny Puppy Hilarious Confused By Frozen Carrot! TOO CUTE!

Frozen carrots are a great way to help a tiny puppy deal with teething pain. It’s cold and they can gnaw at them with their little sore gums. It’s a great DIY thing to help your pup in pain! We also know that dogs are very smart and intelligent creatures…well…most of the time anyway. Sometimes? […]

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maxresdefault (8)

Kind Officers Take Extraordinary Action To Save A Dog From Drowning

When a catastrophic event occurs we automatically think of all the people involved and how bad we feel for them. Things like wild fires, earthquakes, floods or hurricanes and hope everyone is ok. People spring into action to help those affected try to maintain a normal life. Government aid, donations and rescue workers all help […]

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cutest dog ever

Cutest Dog Does An AWESOME Trick For Treat!

If there is one thing I know about people and dogs for that matter is most of them love good food. Not only do they love good food but good treats too. I mean they just opened 2 new fro-yo’s and cupcake stores in my little city. And who doesn’t love a fresh baked cake […]

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small dog big moves

One Very Small Dog Has One Very Funny Way To Get Their Exercise!

We love our dogs for all different reasons and every time we think we love them another reason comes along. They’re just the best in every way as a best friend goes. My dog is there for me when I’m sick, when I’m sad, when I’ve had a bad day or feeling blue. He always […]

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dog sibling rivalry

Dog Sibling Tells On Little Sister – What Did She Do?!?!

When we were little my brother and I used to have all kinds of fun. We would build forts, climb trees, make up magical places far far away. It might not be EXACTLY the same with a dog sibling – but it’s similar! We had a blast together and like I’ve said about my 2 […]

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funny dogs

Dogs Are So Much Fun EVERYONE Wants To Play – But You Won’t Believe Who!

When we got our first rescue puppy it was the best time ever. He was so tiny and new and fun to run around with, throw the ball, and of course snuggle. I mean – what’s not love about dogs?! But eventually we decided he needed a friend and companion of his own. We also […]

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